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3 Reasons to Consider Adding Duct Insulation

One area of energy savings that you may not be familiar with is duct insulation. Insulating your ducts is a great way to minimize energy loss through escaping air. It can be a great solution for homeowners who are looking for ways to save energy in their home. There are many benefits to duct insulation. Today, we will share 3 reasons to consider adding duct insulation.

  1. Lower Energy Bills. Duct insulation can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and can help keep your home a consistent temperature by reducing the amount of air leaking from your ducts. Instead of allowing your heating and cooling systems to constantly work to make up for escaping air, duct insulation supports your HVAC systems and reduces your energy consumption. This will lower your energy bills each month.
  2. Reduce Condensation. If there is a temperature difference between the air inside and outside of a duct, condensation will form. As this condensation drips, it can lead to dangerous and unhealthy mold growth. Insulating your ducts can prevent this condensation from forming and creating a mold problem. It can also prevent your ducts from becoming rusted or stained.
  3. Improved Comfort in Your Home. Duct insulation will help keep your home a consistent temperature. You will find that you have even room temperatures throughout your house without any drafty areas. No need to worry about constantly adjusting your thermostat either. Your heating and cooling system will be more efficient at maintaining the temperature in your home.

Contact us at AppleBlossom Energy to learn more about duct insulation or other ways we can help you become more energy efficient. We can perform an energy audit to help you determine the needs of your home.  We can also help you lower your energy costs with our eco-friendly insulation.