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a sealed crawlspace allows for better energy efficiency

A crawl space is something that many homeowners have as part of their foundation. While this space is often just a few feet tall (hence why it is a “crawl” space!) it houses many important functions in your home. If your crawlspace is still nothing but dirt or straight cement, you could be lacking in efficiency or other benefits of having a sealed crawlspace. While there are many advantages of a sealed crawlspace, here are four of them for you to ponder for your own home.

1.  Better energy efficiency. A sealed crawlspace is able to better help with the energy efficiency rating of your home. Because a sealed crawlspace acts as an insulator for this space, you don’t have to worry about it letting warm or cool air in.

2.  Improved indoor air quality. When your crawlspace is left unsealed, there is nothing to stop the dirt, dust, and allergens from below making their way into the main living space. Indoor air quality can be drastically improved when taking the steps to seal your crawlspace.

3.  Stable, comfortable temperature. Warm air rises, and will rise right through your floors without a sealed crawlspace! Instead of warm, humid air coming in during the summer and chilly feet in the winter, a sealed crawlspace allows for more even temperatures.

4.  Lower energy bills. Because a sealed crawlspace allows for better energy efficiency, your HVAC system doesn’t need to work as hard during the hot summer months or freezing winter days. With more efficiency comes more energy savings.

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