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5 Home Insulation FAQs

Home insulation is important not only for staying warm but also for helping your home stay energy efficient. Here at AppleBlossom Energy, we work with people often who want to know more about home insulation, and we thought we would take this time to share with you some of our frequently asked questions regarding home insulation.

  1. What type of insulation is best? This is a tricky one because the answer is so variable! Different types of insulation work better for different homes and in different spaces. There are many kinds of insulation and each have their own advantages. At AppleBlossom Energy, we will take the time to help you determine which is best for you.
  2. Do I really need more home insulation? Most likely, yes. Most homes are built with minimal insulation, saving the builders money to use on more visible upgrades, meaning that most homes could use more insulation.
  3. Can I DIY my insulation installation? It depends on the type of insulation, which should be discussed with a professional. Given the importance of this material and the issues you can encounter with poor installation, professional insulation is recommended.
  4. How can I keep water and pests from invading my insulation? This is a common issue with old insulation that can be fixed with professional insulation removal and replacement. Quality air sealing techniques can keep moisture out as well as prevent pests. Proper installation of your new home insulation is crucial to keep these variables away.
  5. Can insulation help with sound? In most cases, yes! Insulation adds a layer that makes sound waves harder to travel through, making it a good solution for sound-dampening.

Do you have other questions about home insulation? Contact us today here at AppleBlossom Energy and let us know what they are! We would love to discuss them with you.