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Inflector Energy Saving Window Treatments

Ever notice on a cold day that you feel warmer when you are in the sunshine? Or how you feel cooler in the summer when you get out of the sun? It isn’t just the ambient temperature that dictates how comfortable or uncomfortable you are; it is the sun itself that has a lot to do with it. It would seem logical then to consider just what the sun does or can do for the comfort level of your home. If you could harness the sun’s warmth to provide free solar heat in the winter, but on the other hand block that heat in the summer to get a cooler home, that would be the ideal solution. It is possible to do this with Inflector energy saving window treatments.

With Inflector energy saving window treatments, you are able to do two things. First, you provide a thermal barrier between the indoors and outdoors. These treatments have a shiny and non-shiny side. You simply switch which side is facing out depending on the season. When the shiny surface is facing inside and the non-shiny surface absorbs the solar heat gain, it then radiates heat into the home – which is ideal in the winter. Reverse this in the summer, and you radiate the solar gain away from the indoors to keep you cooler.

Inflector energy saving window treatments come in a variety of styles, including vertical blinds, sliding panels, skylight treatments, roller blinds, and insulating panels. They can even work in conjunction with high-efficiency windows to kick up your energy savings even more. If you would like to know more about these and other energy saving measures that can make your Charlotte, North Carolina area home more energy efficient, give our professionals at AppleBlossom Energy a call. We can help you with this, as well as a whole-house energy retrofit to lower your energy costs by 20 to 40 percent.