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Benefits of Spider Insulation Over Other Insulation Options

There are several types of insulation to choose from. One of our top favorite insulation types is spider insulation. We feel that the many benefits of spider insulation make it a wise choice for homes and commercial buildings. The reasons we love spider insulation are:

  • Mold Prevention – When spider insulation is sprayed, it is sprayed almost dry. Less moisture means fewer opportunities for mold to form. Spider insulation is also made with a mold inhibitor within the glue.
  • Low Waste – The application process of spider insulation is extremely smart and reduces almost all waste. spider insulation is sprayed in to place with excess amounts. A tool is then used to shave down the insulation for a perfect fit that is flush with the studs. Lastly, a special vacuum is used to pick up all the shaved off insulation so that it can be used again on the next project or different location in your home.
  • Perfect Fit – Because spider insulation is sprayed in it is able to perfectly fit almost any space, including small cracks, around plumbing and wires, and switch and plug boxes.
  • No Settling – Because spider insulation uses a mold inhibiting glue instead of water there is no settling of insulation after it dries.
  • No Wait – Your drywall can be hung right after your spider insulation is installed. There is no wait time like other spray-in insulations because Spider insulation is dryer than other products.

We feel that spider insulation is a wise choice for many reasons. We know that you will be very happy with your decision to go with this type of insulation.