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contractor handling your commercial insulation installation

Nobody would argue against having a professional complete commercial insulation installation in the exterior walls and other external features of the building envelope. However, it might interest you to know that there are other applications that can also be important. If any of the following situations exist for your new construction project, be sure to mention it to the contractor handling your commercial insulation installation.

  • Soundproofing meeting rooms- What goes on in a company’s meeting room may not be something you want anyone outside of the meeting to hear. For privacy measures, be sure the walls of meeting rooms and the offices of key personnel have been soundproofed using insulation that fits this purpose.
  • Fire prevention for kitchens- The most common location for a fire in a commercial building is the kitchen. That could be the kitchen in a breakroom of an office building or a commercial kitchen for a restaurant or other food preparation facility. Kitchens in apartment buildings would be another example. While insulation won’t hold back a fire completely, it can provide some extra time to put out the fire before it spreads.
  • Insulate heat-producing equipment- Certain equipment used in commercial buildings is notorious for putting off heat. To keep the heat from adversely affecting the entire building, heat management systems, including commercial insulation installation, should be utilized.

If you would like to work with a commercial insulation installation company that understands the various ways that insulation can be used in a commercial building, reach out to us at AppleBlossom Energy.