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Do You Recommend Cellulose Insulation to Your Clients?
If you are a builder or contractor, you may often receive questions from your clients about the type of insulation they should choose for their home. Obviously, you’ll have your own set of questions to ask about their needs, but one option that may come up is cellulose insulation. While fiberglass insulation certainly has its place, the movement towards more eco-friendly alternatives is hard to deny. Here are a few reasons you should recommend cellulose insulation to your clients:

  1. Green Materials –  Whether your clients are looking specifically for an eco-friendly insulation option or not, this is certainly one of the most advantageous features of cellulose insulation. Because it is made primarily of recycled materials, your clients will feel confident that they are helping the environment and conserving energy with this product.
  2. Better Protection – Another benefit of cellulose insulation is that it is combined with natural fire retardants to more effectively protect homes against a potential threat. Compared to other forms of insulation, this may make cellulose insulation a top choice for your clients.
  3. Return on Investment – Ultimately, anyone who is installing insulation in their home wants a good return on investment. Cellulose insulation provides just that by helping to reduce energy waste, utilize green materials, and ensure that a home is protected for the long term. Your clients will know that their dollars are going further with cellulose insulation.

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