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Energy assessments are done on existing and finished homes

With so many of us looking for ways to be less wasteful and energy efficient, you might have run across what is known as an “energy assessment” in your research. An energy assessment is a great way to figure out where your property is lacking in energy efficiency and often is coupled with ways to fix these issues. At AppleBlossom Energy, we get many questions about energy assessments, so we decided to compile this frequently asked questions list for you!

  • What is an energy assessment? An energy assessment is a series of tests using equipment that will show us where energy is being wasted and saved. We run these tests inside and outside of the property and then can tally up the results.
  • How does an energy assessment work? When we here at AppleBlossom Energy perform an energy assessment, we use equipment like infrared sensors and door blowers to find the areas where energy is being wasted and then give you options on how to fix it.
  • Does it cost anything? At AppleBlossom Energy, our energy assessments are a complimentary service.
  • We are building a new home. Can you do an energy assessment before we finish? Energy assessments are done on existing and finished homes. However, we can help you with the insulation and duct sealing in your home to make sure it is energy efficient from the beginning.

At AppleBlossom Energy, we would love to hear what you are wondering about energy assessments. Are there any FAQs that we missed? Let us know!