Frequently Asked Questions About Home Insulation

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Home insulation is one of those things most homeowners don’t think about until they begin to notice their heating and cooling costs getting a bit out of control. At that point, you might wonder how much of the increase is the utility company raising prices and how much is because your home isn’t as energy efficient as you’d thought. You can find out if it is the utility company by analyzing your bills over the past couple of years or giving them a call to ask how much their rates have changed. Getting answers to questions about home insulation is also simple, as there are plenty of insulation companies ready to address them. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions to get you started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Insulation

Does home insulation get less efficient over time?

 It depends on what kind of home insulation you have. Some products do lessen in effectiveness over time, but if you are seeing less efficiency in your insulation, it is more likely that it has been damaged in some way.

Are all homes built with adequate home insulation?

While homes are built based on code requirements and industry standards, that is not to say those levels are optimal. Even some newly built homes can benefit from a home insulation upgrade. Though rare, sometimes mistakes can also be made during installation that can affect the effectiveness of the insulation used.

How do I know which home insulation product is best?

Trust the professionals to guide you based on your home’s needs, your budget, and your energy savings goals. One that we recommend, for example, is Spider blown-in insulation. We can also tell you where your home needs improved insulation, such as in the attic, crawlspace, or walls.

If you have additional questions about home insulation, reach out to us at AppleBlossom Energy. We will give you straight answers so you are fully informed before you move forward with a home insulation upgrade project. We are happy to perform an energy assessment so we can pinpoint areas where your home can be made more energy efficient. Call today to learn more.