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Green homes might have extra insulation installed.

If you are looking to make your carbon footprint smaller, there is no place better to start than with your own home! Creating a green home doesn’t need to be done all at once, but it is a great idea if you want to lessen your energy consumption. Here at AppleBlossom Energy, we want to help ensure that your home is saving you money and energy. We have been answering a lot of questions about our zero energy homes as well as green homes and would like to explain to you the key differences between these two types of homes.

Zero energy homes are the greenest of the green homes. These homes have not only taken strides to ensure that they are properly insulated and efficient, but they have gone a few steps beyond. Zero energy homes are ones that are so green, that they essentially “break even” in terms of energy consumption vs. energy savings. They can produce energy and also consume energy in an even fashion, allowing them to net zero at the end of the year.

Green homes, on the other hand, are regular homes that have taken significant strides in becoming better at conserving energy. Green homes might have extra insulation installed. They also might have energy-saving measures like solar panels installed or energy-efficient windows and appliances.

One of the most important differences in a green home vs. a zero energy home is that a zero energy home needs to meet strict regulations that qualify a home as zero energy. To learn more about these types of homes, please contact us today at AppleBlossom Energy.