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Commercial insulation that is designed to suppress

It is common knowledge that when you build a commercial building, you need to put serious attention on insulating the entirety of the exterior to enjoy the most energy savings. What you might not have thought about is that there are also several interior challenges you’ll face that commercial insulation can be the solution for. Here are a few of the ways in which the right commercial insulation can come to the rescue.

  • Indoor air quality- As you are building a commercial building, you are likely turning to products that do not adversely affect indoor air quality. Choosing formaldehyde-free commercial insulation is critical in this regard. In addition, you want a product that resists moisture, and thus mold, so that your building continues to be a safe environment.
  • Acoustics/Soundproofing- In most commercial building situations, you would find it advantageous to keep sounds from traveling from room to room. With commercial insulation in the interior walls to absorb sounds, you can enhance productivity and increase privacy.
  • Fire protection- Commercial insulation that is designed to suppress fire will prove beneficial should a fire break out in your building. It will give firefighters an advantage when precious moments count so they can save lives and keep the fire from spreading throughout the building.

At AppleBlossom Energy, we know you want to get your commercial building off on the right foot for these benefits and more. We will help you with commercial insulation that will fit your objectives for your new office building, apartment building, or other type of commercial building. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming project and your insulation needs.