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How to Achieve a Zero-Energy Green Home

Here at AppleBlossom Energy, we want to help homeowners like you create zero-energy green homes. either by building them from scratch or by converting the homes they already have. While we don’t have the space to provide a detailed guide for how to achieve this goal, we can provide a brief overview of some of the basic principles. Read on if you are interested in getting started on the road to your own green home.

  • Make the Sun Work for You- One principle that is often incorporated into the designs of zero-energy green homes is solar tempering, which essentially means taking advantage of the sun’s heat to keep your home warm in the winter months. Our team can help you make the sun’s light and heat work to your benefit.
  • Insulate Your Building Envelope- Another principle behind zero-energy green homes is effective insulation. By creating as tight and seamless a seal as possible around the exterior of your home, you prevent as much passive heat gain and loss as you can, which in turn makes your HVAC system more efficient.
  • Use Energy Modeling- A third tool to use when making your home greener and striving for zero energy is energy modeling and assessment services. Essentially, an energy assessment will show you how you are actually using energy in your home now, and energy modeling will show you how you can use it more deliberately and effectively. Our team will thoroughly assess your existing property or provide modeling services you may need to fine-tune your next project.