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How to Stay Warm While Waiting for Heating Repairs

Brrrrr! Do you feel that cold snap outside? While we usually use our chilly days as occasions to turn on the heat, there are the unfortunate times when we go to turn on the heat . . . and nothing happens! If your heater is in desperate need of a heating repair, the first thing you should do is call a professional to come and check out the issue. But how will you stay warm in the meantime? We have come up with a few ways that should keep you from turning into a popsicle while you’re waiting.

  • Drink lots of warm drinks like tea, cocoa, coffee, or even hot water with a little lemon. Avoid drinking alcohol, since it actually lowers your core temperature.
  • Put on an extra layer or two. There are wonderful base layers out there that you can wear under clothing that will help insulate you.
  • Open any drapes that have sun-facing windows– that’s free heat right there!
  • Make your sleeping quarters as warm as possible with extra blankets or an electric blanket, or you may even consider moving the bed if it is on an exterior wall.
  • Use this time to insulate your home’s weak spots, including doorways, windowsills, door frames, and older windows.

When you are in need of a heating repair, don’t wait! Make sure you call a trusted professional from our team at AppleBlossom Energy.