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Attic Insulation in Charlotte, North Carolina
Adding attic insulation is typically the most effective and easiest way to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency for your Charlotte, North Carolina home. Increasing attic insulation will make it easier for your heating/cooling system to keep you comfortable. In some cases, improving attic insulation can reduce energy consumption by 20% or more.

In most cases, our team at AppleBlossom Energy recommends blowing cellulose insulation into attics, as opposed to fiberglass batt insulation. Blown cellulose insulation creates a seamless blanket of insulation in your attic. Normally, cellulose insulation can be installed on top of your existing attic insulation without requiring removal of the existing insulation. Click here to learn more about the benefits of cellulose insulation.

Providing premium installed insulation in attic spaces requires training and experience. Care must be taken to when applying the attic insulation to ensure that it has a uniform thickness to deliver consistent comfort and efficiency. The main advantages for using blown cellulose insulation in attics or other areas include its fire retardant characteristics and effectiveness in blocking air infiltration.

Our expert installers at AppleBlossom Energy can correctly apply stabilized loose fill dry cellulose in attics. Our installation crews are trained using Building Performance Institute (BPI) air-sealing protocols. Blocking air-infiltration between conditioned and unconditioned spaces is crucial before any attic insulation is installed– for example, sealing air-leaks between the attic and the temperature-controlled rooms beneath or adjacent to the attic.

After we improve attic insulation, easy-to-read rulers are placed every 300 square feet indicating the insulation height, as both fiberglass and cellulose settle over time.

At AppleBlossom Energy, we have a fleet of dedicated vehicles that are specially equipped to blow quality cellulose insulation into most any structure. We can also accommodate projects requiring blown fiberglass insulation.

To learn more about the benefits of using cellulose insulation, call us at AppleBlossom Energy to discuss and schedule a complimentary evaluation of your home’s attic insulation in Charlotte.