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Air Conditioning
When you turn on the thermostat to cool your home or business, you expect great results pretty quickly after setting the temperature. Not only does air conditioning make your living and working spaces more comfortable, but it can also be an important safety mechanism for many property owners.

There are multiple things that could be causing your air conditioning to operate in overdrive that aren’t directly associated with your equipment. For example, having low insulation levels or a doorway that isn’t properly sealed can affect the way your HVAC system registers what is needed indoors. There are also things that indicate the HVAC system itself isn’t working properly.

Unfortunately, for an air conditioning system that needs attention, the signs aren’t always obvious. Maybe it is that your living spaces feel more humid even though the air conditioning system is running. Maybe the cool air isn’t really as cold as it should be, or the HVAC system is running constantly without ever reaching the desired temperature. While it may be easy to associate the constant running of your system as the system working hard for you, in reality it could be telling you that something isn’t quite right.

One of the best indicators that you may need to call on an energy efficiency contractor is when your air conditioning system is operating on overdrive and you notice you have higher and higher utility bills. If your energy bills are putting a major dent in your wallet, calling in a professional for an assessment can give you more information about your HVAC system’s performance.

At AppleBlossom Energy, we use building science technology to determine energy efficiency pitfalls and provide expert recommendations for improvements and upgrades that will save energy and money. If you suspect your HVAC system needs attention or are looking for ways to cut your energy costs, contact us today to schedule a consultation.