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Imagine yourself at the beginning of spring. It’s starting to get hot outside and the days are longer, but you’re trying to avoid using the A/C as long as possible this year. You finally decide the time has come, so you go to turn on the A/C and nothing happens. What do you do? HVAC repairs are a common occurrence at any time of year, but most often during the beginning of the season when everyone starts to use their air conditioners or furnaces after months of neglect. This perfect storm of circumstances can lead to long wait times before appointments when someone can come see you. If you are in need of HVAC repairs, ask yourself a few of these common questions before giving the experts a call– you might just be in the clear!

  • When was the last time the filter was changed?
  • When was the last maintenance or service call for my HVAC system?
  • Is there something actually wrong with the HVAC system, or is the problem with the thermostat?
  • Is the pilot light on?
  • Go outside and check out your A/C unit– is it clear of foliage around the unit?
  • Is the fan running?

Oftentimes, when you call a professional for HVAC repairs, they might even ask you some of these questions to try and get an idea of what the issue might be. Even if they end up needing to make an appointment with you, you have already narrowed down a few options of what the problem might be. For reliable HVAC repairs and services in your area, be sure to give us a call here at AppleBlossom Energy!