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Radiant Barriers in Charlotte, North Carolina
Does your home always feel a little on the warm side in the summer, even with the AC running?  Have you been trying to determine ways to make your home feel more comfortable?  If these questions have been on your mind, we have a possible solution for you.  Here’s the best part:  not only will our solution help to keep your home at a reasonable temperature, but it can also assist you in keeping your energy costs low, and be a green way of regulating the temperature in your home.  If we’ve piqued your curiosity, read on.

Radiant barriers are a great way to insulate the roof deck of your attic so you can keep more of the heat out and reduce the amount of energy used while doing so.  You’re probably wondering exactly what radiant barriers are, since most homes are not equipped with them at the outset.  Simply put, radiant barriers are a kind of spray-on insulation that will help to reflect heat, making it so you don’t have to battle with those heat waves coming down from your attic every day.

Radiant barriers also help to enclose the HVAC air ducts in a conditioned space, thereby reducing the amount of energy needed to run your HVAC system and reducing your energy costs in the process.  The best thing about radiant barriers is that they are inconspicuous, which means that they perform their energy-saving tasks without anyone but you knowing that they are in your home.  Essentially, radiant barriers could be classified as one of the unsung, invisible heroes of energy efficiency.

If the thought of radiant barriers sounds like an interesting proposition, consider contacting us at AppleBlossom Energy to learn more about our radiant barriers.  We use a radiant barrier spray-on reflective material that was developed for NASA, which means you can rest assured that they are top quality.  When you want to cut your energy usage and costs, consider having us install radiant barriers for you.  You will thank us when you open your energy bill next month.