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Green Homes & Offices in Charlotte, North Carolina
Do you love walking outside in nature, feeling the wind on your face, smelling the fresh smell of the air after a good rainfall?  Are you well-aware of the green grass beneath your feet or the feel of warm sand between your toes?  If you enjoy nature and love being in it, you are probably aware of ways that you can help to keep it beautiful and pristine, so everyone can enjoy it.  For example, if you go camping, you always make sure that your fire is out, that you leave no trash behind, and that you leave the area better than you found it.  However, did you know that there are things you can do at home or at work that will also help to protect and preserve the environment?  While you may be thinking, reduce, reuse, recycle, what we’re suggesting is that the way you use energy will have a large impact on the environment.  The best way to be conscious in our use of energy is to achieve a green home.

If you’re wondering where to start on the path to a green home, the answer is found in an energy audit.  When you call on us for a home energy audit, we will come and assess its structure, checking for areas where you are losing energy and offering cost-effective solutions for you.  Our goal isn’t to have you spend the maximum amount of money to replace your windows, doors, or appliances, but rather to provide you with simple, environmentally friendly ways to achieve greater energy efficiency.  While we may identify certain appliances that are outdated or inefficient, many of our suggestions will be as simple as sealing off openings around windows or doors to increase energy efficiency.  When you take simple steps to increase your energy efficiency, you also reduce the amount of natural resources needed to provide your home with energy.  This, in turn, reduces the effect on the environment.  Eventually, the goal is to transition to energy sources that are completely green and clean, allowing everyone to experience the beauties of nature for years to come.

Green homes are also beneficial to your community.   When you choose green energy, you will find many benefits that weren’t available before.  Some of the most visible benefits of green energy include:

  • Less disruption of services
  • Job creation
  • Better health and fewer visits to the doctor
  • Energy independence
  • A never-ending source for energy

When you are ready to go green in your home, contact us at AppleBlossom Energy.  We have solutions that will work and are confident that we can help you save money on your energy costs, while making your home more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.