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When you first hear about Spider insulation, your first reaction may be a shudder. Few people actually love arachnids and many harbor intense fear about them. Considering some are quite venomous, there is good reason to keep them away. But one thing that is admirable about the spider is its web, which is very strong to suit its purpose. No, Spider insulation is not made from spider webs, but it is equally as amazing.
Spider Plus
Spider insulation is a blow-in type of insulation that is growing in favor with installers and homeowners alike. Not only is it less costly than closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF), but it is also a safer product and easier to install overall. It doesn’t have the limitations as for how much can be installed at a time, and supplied-air respirators are not needed during installation. It beats other insulation products in that there is no itching from skin irritations.

In addition, Spider insulation can be applied in deep installations, sloped ceilings, and more, making it the ideal cavity-insulation application on the market today.

The only potential downside is that if you are looking to have Spider insulation installed in your new construction project or a retrofit, you won’t find it to be a DIY proposition, as the equipment needed to install is cost prohibitive for a homeowner.

If you are having a home built in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, contact us at AppleBlossom Energy, and we’ll be happy to give you a quote on Spider insulation, as well as answer any questions you may have. Spiders might be scary, but spider webs are often elaborately beautiful, and our Spider insulation installation is even better!