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The Impact of Insulation on Home Energy Efficiency

If you are weighing your options when it comes to improving home energy efficiency, there are lots of different routes you can go. Should you add new energy-efficient windows, seal your crawlspace, or add a radiant barrier to your attic? One of the places you may or may not have thought to look is inside the walls; your insulation can have a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency in both the short and long term.

Adding home insulation not only changes the way your home processes incoming and outgoing energy, but it also affects the way you feel inside your home. Of all the changes you can make to your home, adding new insulation can effect dramatic change not only in temperature, but also in humidity, airflow, and sound. When you heat or cool a room, your insulation keeps the air circulating appropriately, helps maintain a room’s temperature consistently, prevents moisture where it isn’t wanted, and reduces residual sounds traveling from one room to another. When you consider these changes, you may find yourself amazed at the difference it makes for you in your living spaces.

Furthermore, with improvements to the types of insulation on the market today, you can easily choose insulation that is fire-resistant, fights off insects and rodents, and offers longer-lasting protection for a great return on your investment.

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