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Indoor Air Quality

Statistics show that those who work from home or are a stay-at-home parent can be at greater risk of respiratory and other health issues. Indoor air quality has a lot to do with that, but there are many things you can do to make your home safer. Here are a few tips for improving indoor air quality that can protect your family:

  • Crawlspace Inspection – Have your home’s crawlspace assessed to determine if there are any issues that could be affecting indoor air quality. Since up to 40% of the air in your home comes from the crawlspace, it is important to deal with any problems there.
  • Leaky Ducts – Duct leakage testing should be performed to determine if the air flow to and from your HVAC system has not been compromised. Not only will leaky ducts cause you to pay more for heating and cooling, but they can pick up the dust, debris, and insulation fibers from the attic space and spread them through your home, contaminating indoor air quality in the process.
  • Reduce Chemical Usage – The more harmful chemicals you bring into your home, the more your family breaths them in. Consider natural cleaning supplies, essential oils instead of artificial air freshers, and toxin-free personal care products.
  • Green Building Products – Going green isn’t just about protecting the environment. It is also about choosing products for your home that won’t introduce harmful chemicals.

Here at AppleBlossom Energy, we care about you and your family’s health and since 2006, we’ve endeavored to bring solutions that are more sustainable than what is commonly available. Call on us if you would like to learn about steps you can take to improve indoor air quality, so you can have peace of mind that your family’s health is not being compromised.