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Increased run time of your HVAC system

HVAC systems play a key part in keeping your home comfortable and sustainable. HVAC systems should be inspected and assessed regularly, and sometimes you may need to have repairs done in order to keep your equipment in working condition. However, there may come a time where you will need to replace your HVAC system all together. So how can you determine when that time is? Here are the top signs that you need a new HVAC system.

  • Runs More Often – If you begin to notice that your HVAC system starts up more often than not, this means that you may need a replacement soon. Increased run time of your HVAC system indicates problems such as a failing motor or bad coils, which leads your HVAC system to have to work extra hard to maintain the desired temperature of your home.
  • Constant Repairs – Constantly needing repairs on your HVAC system is a big sign that you need a replacement. You will eventually get to the point where you will spend more money repairing your system than what a new system will cost. Getting a replacement will save you money, time, and the headache of a rundown HVAC system.
  • Loud Noise – A pattern of loud noises coming from your HVAC system may indicate that you need a replacement. Loud noises could be coming from the blower that is humming louder than usual, the outdoor unit, the furnace, or the air conditioner before it starts.

We hope these signs will help you indicate if you need an HVAC replacement. If you have any questions regarding HVAC systems, or other services we provide, please contact us at AppleBlossom Energy today!