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zero energy homesIf you are working on going green, you may be taking steps towards improving your energy consumption at home. While this can take some time, something to aspire to may be a zero energy home in which the amount of energy used is offset up to 100% by how much renewable energy is produced at the same site. That’s a pretty amazing feat! So, how do you achieve zero energy homes?

According to Zero Net Energy Homes, there are 12 steps to creating a zero energy home that provides the perfect “going green” environment. Their twelve steps are as follows:

  • Design your home for zero net. By creating this option at the design phase, you are more likely to achieve your goal.
  • Use Energy Modeling Software to ensure you get the best results.
  • Super-seal your home’s envelope to ensure no energy is escaping from the inside out.
  • Super-insulate to give added energy efficiency.
  • Minimize thermal bridging by designing decks and porches separately from your house.
  • Utilize highly insulated windows and doors.
  • Use the sun for passive solar gain.
  • Similarly, the sun should be used for hot water and electricity.
  • Manage humidity and create an energy efficient, fresh air supply.
  • Maximize energy efficiency by choosing a quality heating and cooling system.
  • Install energy efficient lighting.
  • Choose energy efficient electronics and appliances for your home.

Even if you are living in a home that has already been built, you can use some of these steps to improve your home’s energy efficiency and work towards a zero energy home. At AppleBlossom Energy, we are dedicated to providing customized solutions and can help you with the process of creating a more energy efficient space. If you are interested in learning more about zero energy homes or our products and services, contact us today for more information.