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types of insulation that you should ask about

Insulation is crucial in keeping your home not only a comfortable temperature, but also in making it eco-friendlier. An inefficient HVAC system means wasted energy and money, and while there have been leaps and bounds made in the manufacturing of energy-conscious air conditioners and furnaces, without proper insulation, you’ll still be letting a lot of energy and money go to waste. There are some great types of insulation out there that are eco-friendly, green, and don’t look a thing like the big pink rolls that we are used to thinking of when it comes to insulation. There are a few types of insulation that you should ask about the next time you’re having an energy assessment done on your property, including:

  • Cellulose Insulation– A great green-product, cellulose insulation can be used in a variety of areas and is often treated in order to be resistant to fire. Made mostly from recycled newspapers, cellulose insulation contains the most recycled content of all insulation.
  • Sheep’s Wool Insulation– Just like the name implies, this insulation is made from sheep’s wool. Wool is an excellent insulator and can be used in nearly every area of your home for insulation for warmth, as well as sound dampening.
  • Spider Insulation– A growing favorite amongst workers in the insulation trade and customers alike, spider insulation can be blown into wall cavities like other insulation, but needs no adhesive or nets to help it stay in place.

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