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What is an Energy Audit?
Though you may be interested in the energy efficiency of your home, without a professional energy audit, it can be hard to know how well your home is doing and what you need to do next to secure energy savings. Here at AppleBlossom Energy, we offer complimentary energy audits for your home or business, so you can know exactly how well it is performing.

Our professionals perform an energy audit, which will pinpoint areas that need additional insulation, air sealing, vapor barrier, or other improvements. We can help you cut your energy costs, so join us in the movement to go green with your new building, project, or home.

Did you know that choosing to improve the energy efficiency of your home after an energy audit can lead to significantly lowered utility bills as well as increased comfort? Temperatures are easier to maintain in a well-insulated, well-sealed home. Don’t forget– the same comfort is available in your office! If you own an office building, have one of our BPI certified energy inspectors help you save money there as well.

Request your energy audit and find out what you need to do to save. We look forward to hearing from you!