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Air SealingAir leakage occurs when cooled or heated air leaves your home or outside air enters your home through openings and cracks. For instance, when it is cold outside, too much air may enter your home, and you may feel cold drafts. Comparatively, when it is warmer outside, hot, moisture-filled air might come into your home. Uncontrolled air leakage and infiltration can lead to poor indoor air quality and moisture issues that can affect the structure of your home, your health, and your comfort.

Fortunately, at AppleBlossom Energy, we have a solution. With air sealing, you can:

  • Prevent air loss and infiltration and ultimately reduce how much energy is needed and used to keep your home at a comfortable temperature
  • Keep moisture from becoming an issue in your home, which can prevent mold from developing and thriving
  • Minimize drafts and other uncomfortable areas throughout your home
  • Add an additional layer of protection to the insulation in your home

Before our air sealing solutions can be applied, it is important to understand where air loss is occurring. We will send one of our professionals to your home to inspect your home, especially the areas where two different types of building materials meet. For instance, our professionals will assess all exterior corners, outdoor water faucets, where siding and chimneys meet, and areas where your foundation and exterior siding come together. Inside your home, our professionals will inspect your electrical outlets, switch plates, door and window frames, fireplace dampers, vents and fans, and other interior features to determine where air sealing is needed.