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Zero Energy Ready Homes at the Villages at Cramerton Mills
At AppleBlossom Energy, we are delighted to share about our participation with our first ever net-zero home neighborhood in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Our team performed energy verification services and installed all-natural cellulose insulation to help these homes reach certification with the Department of Energy. The Villages at Cramerton Mills is the only new home community in the region to be certified with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home program.

The homes are elegantly designed inside and out with craftsman style features and custom amenities. Yet the most amazing feature of these homes is that they allow the homeowner to not pay a power bill. Zero Energy Ready homes are built to be net-zero. After a solar array is installed, these homes are designed to make all, and sometimes more, of the energy that they use.

Zero Energy Ready Homes at the Villages at Cramerton Mills
Although the initial cost of a net-zero home may seem slightly higher, the truth is that, over time, the savings from not having a power bill mean homeowners actually spend less money. If the mortgage payment is roughly $40 more on a Zero Energy Ready Home than an average home, isn’t that much better than paying a regular mortgage payment along with a $200 power bill? That would equal a savings of $160 a month!

Besides being less expensive over time, these homes also have better comfort levels, better indoor air quality, and less noise between the rooms and from the street. How do they achieve this?

Zero Energy Ready Homes 7 Complete Building Systems:

  1. High Performance Thermal Enclosure
  2. Whole House Water Protection
  3. High-Performance Comfort System
  4. High-Efficiency Components
  5. Solar Ready Construction
  6. Enhanced Quality Assurance
  7. Whole House Health Protection

Click here to view DOE certificate.