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I want you to know how very happy I am since you insulated my attic. It has made a tremendous difference in the way my A/C works… it actually cuts off for awhile now! Great!

Deborah F., Charlotte

Got back from my trip, and once again, your guys did a great job for me. I really appreciate them talking the time to tape the door insulation in place should I need to open the door. The screen porch looked great, too. I appreciate the work and most especially for not having to constantly go behind and double check that you did what you said you were going to do. You are a man of your word, and that goes a long way in my book.


When I was searching for someone to make my house more energy efficient, I never dreamed that I would find the best right here in Cabarrus County. They did a wonderful job sealing my leaky vents, insulating my attic and taking care of the ducts that were torn and laying on the ground. I am certain that my house is adequately insulated and properly sealed. The young men left my house cleaned where they worked. The website shows the hours from 7 to 4; however, they were here on time and stayed until almost 6 pm. I wholeheartedly recommend!
Get your free energy check-up; you will be pleased with AppleBlossom.


After getting several estimates, AppleBlossom was not the cheapest but they were by far the most thorough in the work they would do & salesman James was excellent. We went with AppleBlossom and very thankful we did.

Randall, Charlotte, NC

Blower door test is amazing, shows the extreme leakage of the house. James Eddy & David did their jobs very well. Results will definitely save on our heating & cooling costs. The door test and air sealing should be performed on every house in America. The results should be enough not to have to build any more nuclear power facilities. I would highly recommend AppleBlossom to anyone & feel I received a lot of value for my cost.

Mark C, Charlotte, NC

James, thank you for everything. I decided to go with Apple Blossom after your initial visit. I was very pleased with your level of knowledge, your free advice, and willingness to help. The guys that did the installation were very courteous and quick with their work. All around, I could not be more satisfied. Also just a little FYI. When the guys installed my insulation the inside temperature upstairs was 70 degrees. My thermostat was set to 68. Throughout the night the outside temp dipped to 53 degrees. The temperature upstairs dropped one degree overnight to 69. So my heat went all night without coming on. In the three years I have lived there, that has never happened. Thank you again for everything!


Thank you for following up with me. Yes, the crew was very professional, friendly and courteous. They keep me in the loop on what was going on while they worked. They vacuumed and cleaned up the immediate area before leaving. Finally, my home is much cooler, and the AC has not had to work continuously.

Again, thank you for all that you do.


I wanted to let you know that we are really pleased with the sealing and the attic insulation work that was performed. It has made a huge difference and I wanted to thank you. Apple Blossom Energy is the best and I hope you have a good week!


Mark A

I have been meaning to call you and tell you what a great job they did and how pleased I am! It just looks so neat and “tight” up there. I haven’t looked at the numbers closely, but I think that it is already helping with keeping it cooler upstairs already. Maybe not a huge amount, but any little bit helps. I am sure we will see a bigger difference this winter.

Thanks again and I am thinking we will be in touch later this summer to revisit the crawlspace area. Even though Bert thinks we can do it ourselves, I don’t really WANT to, LOL!

Thanks again and we will be sure to pass along a good word about your company!


They were very nice and respectful. Everything was fine and we were really pleased. I would recommend your company to everyone. Hope we see a difference in the power bill.


Your guys were really great and clean, and my son made them laugh a little. Thank you for the great guys you have. If you need any uniforms or boots let me know and we can work it out on this for re-ups or something. If not I will send you a check. Just let me know and again thank you.

I want to say thank you all for your help in getting my home to be more comfortable. I really appreciate all of you. I know thank you are just words but I do say them from my heart. Everybody was so nice and worked so hard. There was not one person that came to this house that I had any problems with. They all answered any questions I had. Thanks again.