Heating, Harrisburg, NC

If saving money every month on the heating bill for your Harrisburg home sounds like a great idea, call us to find out how.

Heating In Harrisburg, North Carolina

A common question that we get here at AppleBlossom Energy is, “Why are my heating bills so high?” It isn’t necessarily that your heating system is less efficient. There is a larger temperature disparity inside versus outside during the winter, and it takes a lot of effort for your HVAC system to make your home comfortable. In the summer, your air conditioning is working to make your home 20 to 40 degrees cooler. In the winter, your heating system is working to make your home 30 to 80 degrees warmer. Add in those blustery winter winds, and if you have a home with insufficient insulation, you have the recipe for a high heating bill.

If you would like to change that, we can help. We perform energy assessments with infrared testing to determine where your home might need additional insulation. We offer eco-friendly insulation solutions, such as cellulose insulation, to make your home more energy efficient. We also look at your heating system and make recommendations regarding maintenance and perhaps replacement if you have an older, inefficient system. We take heating seriously and apply building science at the core of all our actions. That means we assess accurate load and duct design, which often enables us to downsize your current system without sacrificing comfort. This saves you money and helps the environment, too.

If you would like to know more about how you could be enjoying more reasonable heating bills and all the benefits involved with a more efficient home, give us a call. We’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss our environmentally friendly and efficient options for your home.