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For your HVAC system to be the most effective, the ductwork at your Concord home must be in good condition. Call us for duct sealing to lower your utility bills and make your home more comfortable.

It might surprise you how many people go to the expense and trouble to have their HVAC unit replaced because they are tired of a cold, uncomfortable home, only to find out that it wasn’t the equipment to blame. If you are contemplating this path, give us a call at AppleBlossom Energy first, so we can check out your home’s HVAC duct system and insulation and see if duct sealing is all you really need.

Duct Sealing in Concord, North Carolina

Your duct system carries air from the HVAC system to each room in your home. If you have leaky ductwork, your HVAC system could be working quite diligently at heating or cooling your home, but much of that air isn’t making it to your rooms. It is doing a great job of making the attic or crawlspace more comfortable, but unless you want to spend your time there instead, contact us to learn how duct sealing can help.

There are a few signs that your Concord, North Carolina home could need duct sealing. Besides not feeling comfortable, you could hear odd noises because rodents have used the openings to gain admittance to your home’s ductwork. Additionally, you could notice your home is dustier because the ductwork is pulling debris from your attic or crawlspace into your home. You could also notice that the airflow isn’t as strong as it should be. Higher heating and cooling utility bills are another reason to suspect your home needs duct sealing.

If you want to know for sure if you need duct sealing or have an insulation issue, give us a call. We’ll come inspect your home and let you know what you could do to lower energy bills and make your home more comfortable.

At AppleBlossom Energy, we offer duct sealing services in CharlotteConcord, Davidson, Harrisburg, Huntersville, and Mooresville, North Carolina.

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