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Enhance the fire resistance and safety of your building.

Fire safety is a top priority within your building, but if your property merely adheres to basic codes, your structure and occupants could remain at risk. This is why we proudly provide our clients in the Charlotte, North Carolina area with solutions for spray-applied fire-resistant material that can enhance the safety of their building and minimize the risk of severe fire damage. Spray-Applied Fire-Resistant Material in Charlotte, NC At AppleBlossom Energy, our spray-applied fire-resistant material comes from MONOKOTE®, which creates fireproofing material for skyscrapers and other critical infrastructure. Not only are their spray-applied fire-resistant material options code-compliant, but they are also backed by over 50 years of proven performance.

MONOKOTE® spray-applied fire-resistant material is designed to reduce the rate at which the temperature rises within concrete or steel if a fire occurs. This protects the structural integrity of the elements for as long as possible, so more people can evacuate the building during an emergency and first responders have more time to save the structure.

We would be happy to assess the current fire resistance of the materials in your building and determine whether spray-applied fire-resistant material options are right for your location. Providing state-of-the-art solutions and options in addition to reliable advice is one of the things that sets our company apart.

We cannot stress enough what a difference spray-applied fire-resistant material can make in terms of the safety of your building. For further information about our options, please reach out to us at AppleBlossom Energy today.